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Telepresence Leverages Betterteem AI® for Attrition Volume Forecasting and Mitigating Employee Turnover

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November 18, 2023

Telepresence Leverages Betterteem AI® for Attrition Volume Forecasting and Mitigating Unwanted Employee Resignations

The BPO industry in the Philippines has long been dealing with a competitive job market, making retaining top talent crucial for operational success. Employee turnover has proven costly and disruptive in the Philippine call center industry. To address this challenge, Telepresence, a global call center firm, embarked on a journey to utilize Betterteem AI® to forecast attrition volumes and implement strategies for mitigating unwanted employee resignations.

Problem, Consequences, and Hesitations

Telepresence has been experiencing a higher rate of employee turnover in recent years, which has led to increased costs in recruitment and training while also affecting overall productivity. The HR team has acknowledged the need for a data-driven approach to address this issue. To leverage AI-enabled technology solutions, the team has established an HR transformation team dedicated to tackling the challenge of unwanted resignations in the workplace. The team's primary objective is to use AI to achieve this goal.

  • Leverage the capability of an AI-driven attrition volume forecasting model to predict employee resignations.
  • Implement proactive strategies to mitigate attrition based on the AI forecasts.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of AI-driven interventions in reducing unwanted resignations.
“Unwanted resignations have been affecting our overall operations,” said the General Manager of Telepresence. “Losing our agents has affected customer satisfaction, service quality, and operational efficiency. Despite efforts to improve employee engagement, resignations remain a significant issue for us.”

Telepresence began its journey with Betterteem through a POC. They started with a line of business that had 100 employees and gradually added more as they continued with us.

"At first, we were hesitant when someone from Betterteem approached us and offered a demo of their technology, which requires access to our employees' data. However, after speaking with the leadership team at Betterteem and learning about the effectiveness of AI in predicting outcomes, we have been convinced that it is the direction we want to take."


Attrition volume forecasting has become a critical aspect of Telepresence’s employee retention strategies. With only six months of implementation, Telepresence has empowered HR and operations to become more holistic in their approach to monitoring employee sentiments and addressing resignation risks.

  • Attrition Volume Reduction: Within the first six months of implementing Betterteem AI®, Telepresence saw a 15% reduction in attrition rates compared to the same period last year.
  • Cost Savings: The reduced attrition rates led to significant cost savings, primarily due to decreased recruitment and training expenses.
  • Improved Employee Satisfaction: Employee satisfaction scores improved as a result of targeted interventions, leading to higher morale and retention.
  • Better Resource Allocation: Betterteem AI® forecasting allowed for better resource allocation, ensuring the company could focus its efforts on departments and positions with the highest predicted attrition rates.


Telepresences successfully leveraged Betterteem AI® for attrition volume forecasting and mitigating unwanted employee resignations. By combining predictive analytics with proactive strategies, they not only reduced attrition rates but also improved overall employee satisfaction and optimized resource allocation.

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