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Star doubled productivity by utilizing Betterteem as a tool for measuring its people-focused initiatives

Posted on
October 11, 2023

Star utilizes Betterteem as a tool for measuring both qualitative and quantitative data to support its people-focused initiatives

Star is a leading contact center company that enables global brands to establish connections with customers through highly personalized experiences. It recognizes the critical role that employee experience plays in achieving organizational success. In recent years, Star has faced challenges related to low employee morale and productivity.

Problem,Consequences, and Hesitations

Star has been experiencing a decline in employee productivity over the past few years. Key performance indicators indicated a downward trend, and the management team identified several contributing factors:

Lack of Employee Engagement:Many employees felt disengaged from their work, leading to decreased motivation and commitment.

Workplace Stress: The work environment was stressful, with heavy workloads and tight deadlines, which affected employees' mental health and job satisfaction.

Communication Issues: A lack of effective communication channels led to misunderstandings, misalignment of goals, and reduced team collaboration.

Limited Growth Opportunities:Employees felt that their career development prospects within the company were limited, leading to a sense of stagnation.

Recognizing the urgent need for change, Star initiated a comprehensive plan to improve employee experience with the ultimate goal of doubling productivity levels. The HR leadership teams of Star identified the following areas to focus on:

  • Enhanced Employee Engagement Work-Life Balance
  • Improved Communication
  • Career Development Programs

To gain a better understanding of the trends and details in their approach, the team figured out the need for analyzing both qualitative and quantitative data. Fortunately, theirChief People Officer was able to attend a demonstration arranged by Betterteem at an event.

“While I am fully aware of the proliferation of AI in almost everything we do in our business, it was my first time hearing a technology that is targeted toward measuring employee sentiments and predicting resignations,” said its Chief People Officer. “Our current approach for gathering employee feedback is restricted to using MSForms. However, the tool cannot provide comprehensive reporting and summaries that align with broader organizational objectives about employee engagement.”

Star conducted a Proof ofConcept (POC) for Betterteem. While their primary objective was to utilize the survey features, they eventually added on the HR integration capabilities to fully leverage the platform's benefits.

Star continued with its employee experience initiatives and utilized Betterteem to monitor their progress. They conducted an employee satisfaction survey to collect feedback and evaluate the effectiveness of the changes while using Betterteem AI® to analyze active sentiments to identify commonalities and trends in employee feedback and performance. 

Value Delivered

After seven months of implementing these changes and using Betterteem as the main tool to monitor progress,Star observed remarkable improvements:

  • Employee Productivity: Productivity levels doubled across all departments.
  • Key performance indicators, such as tickets closed, average handling time, and customer satisfaction scores, improved significantly.
  • Employee Retention: Employee turnover decreased by 11% compared to the same time last year as employees were more satisfied with their roles and recognized opportunities for career growth.
  • Team Collaboration: Teams reported improved collaboration and synergy, resulting in innovative problem-solving and better project outcomes.‍
  • Company Reputation: Star’s positive workplace culture began to attract top talent, further boosting its competitive advantage and employee retention.


The adoption of Betterteem byStar resulted in a significant improvement in their overall employee experience resulting to improved productivity and employee retention. With Betterteem, Star was able to monitor and analyze employee sentiment, digest historical big data, which created a more engaged and motivated workforce. Betterteem helped turn their people strategy into a measurable and sustainable effort, leading to a boost in overall productivity. As a result, Star's workforce became more satisfied, and the company saw improvements across the board.

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