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We are building better teams

We are helping businesses and people leaders address the real drivers of employee experience in their organization by setting its standard measure and providing them with industry-specific actionable insights to encourage employees to carry out desired actions—not just any action but revenue-generating employee action.

Bo Discarga, CEO
A people manager and employee experience professional with over 10 years of experience in successfully managing and improving employee experience in the Philippine BPO sector. Bo is passionate about employee experience and empowering people leaders to become transformational leaders.
Rey Leonard Dumasig, CTO
A tech strategist with over 10 years of experience in developing and supervising system infrastructure, data security, and implementing new technologies that yield a competitive advantage. Rey oversees the overall core technology of Betterteem and organizes the formulation and implementation of major technical decisions in Betterteem.
Sena Salcedo, MP, RPsy
Sena is the Chief Psychologist of Betterteem. A Licensed Psychologist and an active mental health counselor in the Philippines. Sena is passionate about promoting mental health and seeing through the transformation of others. While completing her master's degree, Sena worked in the BPO sector as a business development professional.
Teejay Macasaet-Simon
Teejay is one of Betterteem's strategic advisors. Teejay is a BPO operations leader with broad experience in operations management, performance management, P&L, client relationships, business development, value and cost efficiency solutions, process improvement, and project management.
Tonichi Achurra-Parekh
Tonichi is one of Betterteem's strategic advisors. Tonichi has been an operations executive and mentor for major BPO companies in the Philippines such as TTEC, Genpact, Teleperformance, Startek, Voxpro-powered by Telus International, and currently with Nearsol as Country Manager and Regional VP for APAC. Tonichi is also an elected member of the Board of Directors of the Contact Center Association of the Philippines.
Buko Ventures
Buko Ventures is one of Betterteem's strategic advisors. Buko Ventures is an angel funding group for Philippines startup founders, and was founded by a group of tech founders and e-commerce executives with extensive experience building businesses in the Philippines. Buko is an advisor and investor to Betterteem.

Empower the workplaces of the future

An empowered organization is one where individuals have the knowledge, skill, and opportunity to succeed in a way that leads to their personal development and the organization's success. When employees feel empowered, an organization becomes an ideal place to work and grow. Our unified employee experience solution enables employees to access a set of tools that will foster continuous feedback and creative thinking, build trust, and increase morale and productivity.
"I founded Betterteem because of my own frustration at trying to find the fitted measure of true Filipino BPO employee experience. Having worked in different BPO companies with different employee demographics, I firsthand experience how challenging it is to define the true meaning of Filipino employee engagement, and craft the best experience possible."
Bo Discarga, Founder & CEO