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Betterteem AI® is assisting businesses and people leaders in addressing the underlying causes of employee experience and talent retention within their organizations. With our proactive and prescriptive algorithms, people leaders can quickly identify and address potential factors contributing to unwanted employee resignations that may affect their operations.

Bo Discarga, CEO
A people manager and employee experience professional with over 15 years of experience in successfully managing and improving employee experience in the Philippine BPO sector. Bo is passionate about employee experience and empowering people leaders to become transformational leaders.
Rey Dumasig, CTO
A tech strategist with over 15 years of experience in developing and supervising system infrastructure, data security, and implementing new technologies that yield a competitive advantage. Rey oversees the overall core technology of Betterteem and organizes the formulation and implementation of major technical decisions in Betterteem.
Sena Salcedo
Sena is the Chief Psychologist of Betterteem. A Licensed Psychologist and an active mental health counselor in the Philippines. Sena is passionate about promoting mental health and seeing through the transformation of others. While completing her master's degree, Sena worked in the BPO sector as a business development professional.

Building the world's better teams

An empowered organization is one where individuals have the knowledge, skill, and opportunity to succeed in a way that leads to their personal development and the organization's success. When employees feel empowered, an organization becomes an ideal place to work and grow. Our unified employee experience solution enables employees to access a set of tools that will foster continuous feedback and creative thinking, build trust, and increase morale and productivity.
"From my time working in various BPO companies, I've noticed how tough it can be to keep employees happy and prevent them from leaving. To tackle this challenge, I came up with Betterteem. Betterteem focuses on keeping track of how employees feel about their job and how this experience evolves as they continue their journey with their current employer, which is often the biggest factor in why they quit."
Bo Discarga, Founder & CEO