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Ally BPO saves $5.6 million on potential backfill costs with only six months use of Betterteem

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August 25, 2023

“Ally” a BPO Company in Ortigas, Philippines, saved $5.6 million on potential backfill costs with only six months of use of Betterteem

Ally is an outsourcing company based in Ortigas, Philippines, that provides business support services to startups worldwide. They prioritize quality, efficiency, and employee satisfaction. 

Problem, Consequences, and Hesitations

Although Ally prides itself on prioritizing employee satisfaction, it struggles with many employees leaving to pursue freelance work. This frequent turnover has had a negative impact on Ally’s productivity, resulting in poor customer service and client relationships.

“Our compensation packages are designed to be very competitive,” said its SVP of Operations. “On top of our above-market compensation packages, we’ve added variable benefits such as extended medical coverages, reimbursable transportation allowances, free office meals, and top-rated engagement offerings.”

Ally, through its SVP of Operations, learned about Betterteem through a Google search and decided to schedule a demo. “At first, I felt overwhelmed with explaining the challenges we’re facing in talent engagement and retention, but the account manager who led the Betterteem demo was able to finish my sentences for me, which brought me comfort. I felt like we have the same DNA.”

“The Betterteem team presented a solution to digest employee sentiments by consolidating various data sources into a single dashboard. I was initially hesitant, but the team demonstrated a small-scale example to clarify the platform's functionality. I appreciated the team's patience while we were deciding.”

Eventually, Ally went with Betterteem, which took three weeks to implement. The data migration process lasted only 48 hours.

Results and Benefits

With the Betterteem platform, the operations and HR leaders at Ally could monitor its employees' sentiments and identify the resignation risks of its top-performing team members. Using Betterteem AI®, the Ally leadership team can already identify the specific issues that each employee had that led to their decision to resign—arming them with real-time and insightful employee analytics so they will be able to make impactful decisions instantly. “Our HR and people support teams are less bogged down to the point where they’re spending more time on efforts that are not addressing the specific drivers of unwanted resignations in our operations.”

Value Delivered

By implementing the Betterteem platform, Ally was able to proactively address potential resignation risks in their workplace and prevent unwanted resignations that Betterteem AI® identified. Betterteem AI® played a significant role in improving Ally’s approach to addressing the root causes of unwanted resignations in their operations, resulting in a 6% increase in employee retention rates and an 8% improvement in HR support delivery.Ultimately, this led to a savings of $5.6 million in potential back filling costs for Ally.

Today, the operations of Ally are stronger than ever. Their retention rates are improving, and customer satisfaction is at an all-time high. Their clients and partners are happy with their relationships. Ally has surpassed its service level agreement commitments and is ready to increase its headcount in the Philippines. This may result in more billable hours and expanded revenues.

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