Understanding Betterteem Analytics and Benchmarking

Perks and Play

Provides your employees with access with numerous perks conveniently located near their homes and workplaces.

Employee Perks and Discounts

We know that when people quit, it's usually because they're not feeling valued at work. Boost your employees' morale by providing them exclusive access to the Betterteem perks platform that offers a variety of store deals nationwide, including clothing, food, electronics, and experiences.

Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Peer-to-Peer Recognition is a valuable tool for colleagues to express their appreciation for each other's hard work. With pre-made e-cards and in-app shout-outs, this public recognition creates a positive and encouraging work environment where efforts are acknowledged and commended.

Health and Fitness

Incorporating fitness into the workplace can significantly benefit employee health and safety, leading to a more productive and healthier work environment. Betterteem enables users to access the best fitness facilities nationwide, promoting overall wellness and fitness.


Provide your employees with access to numerous perks conveniently located near their homes and workplaces!

Providing employee benefits is crucial in attracting and retaining talented individuals. Implementing an effective benefits package can be mutually beneficial for both employees and employers.

Exclusive Perks & Discounts

Unlock access to thousands of offers catering to your employees' personal interests. Enjoy exclusive deals on dining, accommodations, experiences, electronics, shopping, and much more.

Employee Peer Recognition

Show your employees how much you value their hard work and dedication with digital cards that are tailored to their accomplishments and include thoughtful messages.

Wellbeing and Support

Employees can benefit from our wide range of mental, physical, emotional, and financial health perks crafted to build a balanced work and life relationship.

Introducing the BetterteemMobile App

The Betterteem Perks & Play app provides a multitude of benefits and enjoyable activities that encourage participation, enhance morale, and increase efficiency in your business operations. Your employees will be able to take advantage of a diverse range of perks and engaging tasks that are tailored to keep them motivated, involved, and productive.