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We begin with a 60-day trial

No credit card required

When you sign up for the Betterteem service, you start with free trial subscription. Up to 2 users can explore all the features of the Betterteem platform, including data benchmarking and unlimited surveys and responses.

We always begin with a 60-day trial. No credit card is required to start.
BPO EX Benchmarking
Employee NPS Benchmarking
Employee retention forecasting
Employee demographics
Dynamic responses filter
Unlimited surveys and questions
Data exports (PDF, CSV)
Survey completion redirect

We understand if you have a few "what ifs"

How does the risk-free trial period work?

Our risk-free trial period gives you a 60-day access to our platform at no cost. The intent was to let you try Betterteem and see if we are a match. "Risk-free" means that we will let you try our platform without taking any payment information. If the trial period concludes with a decision not to continue, we do not bill you, but also will lose access to your data.

How am I billed if I pick a Betterteem subscription plan during my trial period?

If you pick a plan during your free trial, then you'll receive your first bill on the day that your free trial finishes. If your free trial already expired, then you'll receive your first bill on the day that you pick a Betterteem subscription plan. Note that subscribing to a Betterteem plan requires that you provide a payment information, where the payment is taken automatically, so there isn't anything else that you need to do after picking a plan.

What is the currency of my Betterteem bill?

For accounting reasons, you are billed in US dollars even if you are located outside of the United States.

How do I get a payment receipt?

We send a copy of your invoice after each successful payment on the Betterteem website or app to your registered email with your billing details such as your address, company name, and tax ID number. If you haven't found your invoice, please contact our Support Squad by emailing help@betterteem.com.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Navigate to the Billing page of the Betterteem app and select the "Cancel" option for the subscription and complete the cancellation process. You will receive an email confirming your cancellation. Your access to the subscribed products will continue until the end of the current subscribed term. There are no refunds, and no further payments will be processed. If you need assistance with your cancellation, you may email our Support Squad at help@betterteem.com

If I cancel my subscription, will I lose access on the day of cancellation?

No. Your access will continue until the end of the current subscribed term.

What happens if my payment method fails?  Or my payment method expires?

You will receive an email notifying you that we were unable to process the renewal charge. You will be asked to update your payment method within 5 days to avoid interruption on your subscription. If your payment cannot be successfully processed within the 5-day grace period, access to the platform will discontinue. To reinstate your subscription access, you must purchase a subscription using the same log-in credentials.